Better Than The First Time

One of interlocking stone's best advantages over concrete and asphalt is that it can be repaired.

Instead of having to replace your entire driveway or concrete backyard patio, broken stones can be removed and replaced.

Over time, the underlying soil can shift, settle or expand and if the original installer's workmanship was of poor quality, this can cause unevenness in the surface.

These uneven sections can simply be removed while we level and repair the base, after which we can re-install the interlock on top.

Repairs can be as small as reapplying polymeric sand (typically after 5 years) and as big as removing large sections of a interlock because it's not sloping away from the house, causing basement leaks.

If your stone interlock's in need of repair, give us a shout. We'll assess what needs to be done to fix any problems and make sure the repair is completed properly, and restore your interlocking stone to better than it was originally.

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