How we turn ordinary into extraordinary

Even though we are experts in providing quality stone interlocking solutions, we don't expect you to be. Here's an overview of the process we take on every project.




We'll meet with you at your home to talk about what you'd like to have done, whether that's backyard patio interlock, driveway interlock, or any number of other services we offer. We'll assess the area where we'll be working, and talk about how and by whom the area will be used in order to get a clear picture of your needs. We'll show you examples of our work and suggest ideas to help the design process. We can also provide references and locations of some of the homes where we've completed work in the past so you can get a feel for the quality of our work.



After the consultation we'll provide you with a firm design proposal that will fulfill the design requirements of your outdoor space and any other services you would like us to provide. Once we've all agreed that all the details are satisfactory, we'll go ahead and start the construction of your dream backyard, driveway or entryway.



This is where the fun begins--for us anyway. There are many different steps we take during the construction phase, depending on your project's needs as well as your home's unique characteristics. For most projects though, there are some common steps we take. We'll excavate the area as needed to make room for retaining walls and the base, the most important part of your interlock. We'll build any required retaining walls, and then build the base, making sure that it's solid, flat and slopes away from your house as needed so you don't have water leaking into your basement. Only after we're sure that's perfect do we finally lay your interlock. Finally, we add polymeric sand to seal the cracks between the stone to prevent weeds as well as to prevent shifting.

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